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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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president obama covered the blue states in the midwest wisconsin and iowa ending with a late-night rally in illinois. both candidates vivid ohio the biggest battleground state in the contest. both candidates visited ohio. ♪ [ music ] reporter: what an ending to his final election. the president got a rap from jay-z in ohio this morning. next up, rock star bruce springsteen joining the president on his three-state whirlwind campaign. with all this last-minute rallying, you could hear a hoarseness in his voice. >> when i say, wisconsin, i know what real change looks like you have cause to believe me because you have seen me fight for it and you have seen me deliver it. you've seen the scars on my to prove it. [ laughter ] >> you've seen the gray hair on my head. [ laughter ] >> to show you what it means to fight for change. >> whoo! >> and you've been there with
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me. >> yeah, yes! >> and after all we have been through together, we can't give up now. >> no! >> because we have more change to do. >> reporter: it is far from over. after wisconsin he went to columbus, ohio and then on to des moines iowa where he started thinks 2008 campaign. he will end the night in his hometown of chicago. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the president scheduled though seems tame in comparison to governor romney. he has so many stops today, most of his events are in airport hangars so that he can jet in and out to as many locations as possible. >> tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. perhaps some of your family and friends have not yet made up their minds who they're going to vote for. so ask them to look beyond the speeches and the ads and all the attacks, because talk is cheap. ask them to look at the record. a record is real and it's earned with real effort.
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the president promised change but change can't be measured in speeches. it's measured in achievement. >> reporter: his day started in sanford, florida near orlando. then it was on to two stops in virginia before head offing to the midwest with a quick visit to columbus, ohio. the gop nomination will end up in manchester, new hampshire with a midnight rally. in a last-minute decision, governor romney's camp has scheduled two more rallies for election day for tomorrow. one in cleveland ohio and one in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it puts into perspective a couple of things. just how close this race is in ohio, and that the romney camp believes it has a chance in pennsylvania. that's a state where they just started running ads about a week ago. >> all right. grace lee, thank you. governor brown is finishing up a furious schedule here in the bay area. he has made five stops to push prop 30. his tax initiative. cbs 5 reporter ken bastida live in san francisco with the
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governor's now uphill battle for this. ken. >> reporter: yeah, allen. as you said it's been a long day for the governor. we'll talk about his schedule and what time of the morning it's started. we are at delancey street on the embarcadero. the governor is due here in 30 minutes for a last push for prop 30 joined by democrats. he started his day at 6:45 a.m. at the herbert hoover high school in san diego. he spoke to teachers and parents there then in los angeles at 9: 45 at a shopping center and an inner city struggle which is in east l.a. then fresno at 11:45 with the united association local union 246. then they had lunch and 1:45 p.m. sacramento. they spoke to the sacramento teachers association and then
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4:45 or now 5:00 here in san francisco at clancy industry and the governor will be with a -- at delancey street. and the governor will be with a number of san francisco leadership. ed lee will be here, as well as john burke of the california democratic party to speak to the crowd, dean vogel the president of the california teachers association. willie brown will be here. senator dianne feinstein. and finally the governor. of course, this is to get out the vote in support of prop 30. the last push that we'll see before election day tomorrow. at delancey street in mobile5, i'm ken bastida. back to you. the governor not the only one with a vested interest in the fate of prop 30. cbs 5 reporter phil matier in the newsroom with who is behind the effort to defeat it. >> reporter: it's called mystery money coming in from arizona and it is the subject of investigations by both the attorney general and the fair political practices commission. here's the story. reporter: two conservative groups the virginia-based americans for job security and the center to protect patient
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rights in arizona collected $11 million and then handed it over to another arizona group, americans for responsible leadership who then sent it over the state line to groups opposed to proposition 30 governor brown's tax hike plan and to groups supporting proposition 32. the measure on tuesday's ballot would limit labor unions from raising and spending political money. as dan newman of the nonpartisan group explains -- >> that contribution came in about 2 weeks ago and as california voters have been casting their early ballots, they have been in the dark about this $11 million. >> reporter: most of the money went into a last-minute television and radio ad campaign. >> do you think we'll ever know the -- who gave the $11 million? >> i don't know. >> reporter: this political science professor says no matter the legal outcome, a move like this damages elections. >> transparency is the lifeblood of democracy. the transactions behind this committee are the equivalent of
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passing a suitcase in a dark alley. >> reporter: the real question is, who are behind these committees? and that seems to be a growing problem in elections where we have these what they call super packs and independent expenditure committees that can collect from people who don't want their names used and funnel the money into elections where they can have the last- minute influence and that's what we have here. all sides at least these groups say they have committed nothing improper. nothing wrong. but there's still yet to release the names of the people who are doing the contributing. in the newsroom, phil matier, cbs 5. keep it here on cbs 5 for up-to-the-minute coverage of election day 2012. live election coverage begins with the "cbs evening news" beginning at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon and we'll bring you local updates twice an hour and if you can't get to a tv election results streaming live on new at 5:00 a former san jose principal found guilty for failing to report suspected
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child sexual abuse by a teacher. jurors saying the principal did not want to believe such an ugly thing was true. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez is live outside the courthouse. len. >> reporter: elizabeth, i'm not sure if this has landmark status but this is certainly a very important case when it comes to mandatory reporters. those are the people who are in positions of responsibility to report crimes against children such as molest cases or abuse cases. now, in this case, the principal of o.b. whaley elementary school school lyn vijkayendran was found guilty for failing to report a suspected case of molestation that she knew about. craig chandly allegedly blindfolded and molested young girls in his classroom. after a parent reported her suspicions, vijkayendran confronted chandler but accepted his story it was about a helen keller lesson about blindness. a second child was then molested. here's what one of the jurors had to say about this case.
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>> when you have the responsibility of hundreds of children in your care, you can't afford to drop the ball at an important moment like that. it was just -- she got horrible advice from hr. and she didn't do what she knew she should do. she had a suspicion and she didn't act on it. and the consequences were just abominable. >> reporter: vijkayendran was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, $100 fine and on probation for two years. the teacher mr. chandler is awaiting his trial in jail. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. a nasty crash on a stretch of bay area road known as blood alley has killed one person. three cars collided just before 2:00 this afternoon on vasco road in brentwood. that section of road is expected to be closed until about 6:00 for the investigation and the clean-up. the man accused of smashing the windshield of a muni bus after the giants world series
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win now says he is sorry. 22-year-old gregory graniss is even asking for forgiveness from the public. he plead not guilty to two felony counts today. outside court graniss' lawyer says his client acknowledges responsibility for the incident. muni is out the $1 million cost of the bus. the agency's insurance doesn't cover arson damage. meanwhile, police are looking for your help catching this man in the brown sport coat. he and another man are accused of trying to rob a hearing- impaired foreign exchange student on a muni bus last month. police say the pair pepper sprayed the student and tried to take his backpack. both ran off the bus. one was caught but investigators are still looking for this man. from san jose to oakland records broken across the bay area today. chief meteorologist paul deanno with more on today's hot temperatures and when this will inevitably change. >> it's going to change. let's enjoy it while we have it. if you like warm weather you had it today.
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sun going down early at 5:07 in san francisco. santa clara 85 today. mill valley hit 84. mountain view 83. even half moon bay 81. also low 80s for san jose, palo alto. san ramon. upper 70s in union city. san jose the old record 82, and concord you hit 78, the old record 77. wait until you see the extended forecast. there are some days with highs only in the 50s. details on that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. thousands of bay area grocery workers walk out. the cuts they say are a deal breaker. >> then new images of a dramatic rescue after a boat capsizes in tomales bay. >> then even the most fit people are at risk of heart attack. the new findings that may raise your blood pressure. ,,,,,,,,
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area are being greeted by pickett signs and chanting. nob hill and raley's shoppers across the bay area are being greet by picket lines and chanting.
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>> employees have been out since early sunday morning after 15 months of contract negotiations why called off. union members say they are upset over cuts in benefit and pay. the main sticking point is healthcare but workers are worried about what happens after the strike. >> it's scary. not knowing in fact strike is going to last long or if i'll even have a job when you go back. >> the company says the only changes are a two-year wage freeze and elimination of bonuses for holidays and sundays. it's the first strike in their 77-year history. a knife-wielding naked man is shot and killed by fremont police last night. officers spent the morning collecting bags of evidence. they say the 37-year-old had chased his estranged wife out of a home on central avenue between logan and glenmoor drive. two officers told the man to
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put the knife down. he didn't and they shot him. the woman wasn't hurt. he is skew on the sonoma county coast -- rescue on the sonoma county coast. crews rescued three adults and four children from an overturned boat in tomales bay yesterday. the hull of the boat had cut open to free two children trapped in the cabin. this unexploded molotov cocktail was discovered at a strip mall damaged by fire last night. investigators say the fire started after someone threw some sort of object through the window of a nail salon on contra costa boulevard. no arrests and no injuries. the power is out. gas is low. there's a new obstacle for the northeast as it recovers from sandy now. the storm headed their way next. >> selling your car could end up costing you thousands. the often overlooked theft that could make you liable for tickets and tows after your car is sold. in tonight's consumerwatch. ,,
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might expect you're no longn the hook for tickets or tow. but as cbs 5 consumerwatch atts explains, when you sell a car and transfer the title you might expecting you're no longer on the hook for tickets or tow fees. as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains you might be wrong. reporter: >> i just don't understand it. it does not make sense.
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>> reporter: when nan hawkins and her husband clay solder that '94 pontiac for $500, they never imagined it could cost them thousands. nan thought she did everything right. >> we'll have to get this cleared. >> reporter: three days after the sale she transferred the title and filled out the release of liability in person at the dmv. little did she know that very same day, the pontiac's new owner put the car back up for sale and packed it on the this dirt lot in salinas where it was promptly towed. the car now sits in this tow lot racking up $72 a day in storage fees and a tow truck driver says nan has to pay. >> basically, the guy at the tow yard is saying i can ruin your credit just because you won't pay me. that's not right. >> reporter: while the owner of the tow yard would not speak on camera, he gave us this dmv paperwork in a still lists nan hawkins as the pontiac's registered owner and says that makes her responsible for the fee. >> how can i be released of liability but then still be listed as the owner that the tow yard can go after for the
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funds? >> reporter: according to california vehicle code, she can't. section 5602 states as long as she has handed over the car and signed the title she is no longer subject to civil or criminal liability. it's not contingent on the dmv actually processing the paperwork. >> i have the notice of lien. >> reporter: but what complicates the issue is what nan doesn't have a copy of the signed title or the buyer's id. so until the dmv transfer goes through, she has no way to prove she is no longer responsible for this $500 car that's now accrued nearly $3,000 in fees. >> it's very frustrating. >> reporter: when selling a car your best bet is to meet the buyer at the dmv so you can immediately process the paperwork together and always keep a copy of the signed title along with the smog certificate required to sell a car in californiale. dmv has now processed the title so nan is finally off the hook. if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-5- helps-u. yes, finally, but the
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paperwork had gotten lost she might still be responsible >> thank you. well, one week after -- >> gas prices have fallen below $4 a gallon on average in california. aaa says it's now 3.97 a gallon for regular. many parts of the bay area it's still above $4 a gallon but the price is coming down. gas prices in the northeast have risen because of service disruptions caused by superstorm sandy. they have gone up three cents a gallon in new york, 7 cents in new jersey. and long lines at gas stations again today in new jersey. lines early this morning were several blocks long rationing remains in effect in a dozen counties. drivers with odd numbered license plates were allowed to gas up today. well, one week after sandy slammed the northeast, many in the northeast are struggling with no power, flooded homes, frigid temperatures. cbs reporter alison harmelin is in the hard hit staten island with the latest developments. reporter: commuters waited in long lines for ferries trains and buses making it a
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chaotic commute into new york this morning. many people were going back to work for the first time since sandy battered the city. more than a million homes in new york and new jersey remain without power. temperatures dropped into the 30s overnight and a nor'easter is expected to bring high winds and heavy rain to the area on wednesday. the hardest hit neighborhoods in staten island are trying to prepare for the worst while they begin to clean up. i'm standing on the foundations of a home that was picked up by the storm and swept away. it landed about a half mile from here. the structure behind me is the second floor of another neighbor's home. you had a pool, right? >> yes, in ground pool. >> reporter: pedro escaped the storm using a neighbor's roof as a liferaft. you floated out of here on your neighbor's roof with your brother? >> i told them, we're safe. we're going to float out of here and be all right. >> reporter: as many as 40,000 new york city residents were left homeless by the storm. schools reopened today. city council speaker christine quinn helped serve breakfast at
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one public school. >> it's a big problem, a significant number of schools don't have heat. >> reporter: in some areas of new jersey there were signs that the gas crunch is beginning to ease. almost 20 cars were lined up at this hess station while the gas station across the street is closed. the state is still rationing fuel. but officials expect most stations will be up and running later this week. alison harmelin for cbs news, staten island, new york. >> weather time record heat for many of you today just as warm if not warmer for most of you coming up tomorrow. then temperatures will literally come crashing down. by the end of the week some of you may not hit 60. sun setting early. it's already set. beautiful view looking toward mount diablo. another gorgeous shot of the mount vaca cam. mid-70s outside right now. downtown san francisco 75. san jose 76. concord and livermore coming in at 74. and no rain on the strongest radar in the bay area which is called hi-def doppler right here on cbs 5. here's what's
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happening. look at the storm track. that thin band of cloud cover, it's off to our west by about 500 or 600 miles riding over the ridge of high pressure all the way up into british columbia. that's a huge dome of high pressure for this time of year that's not going to move tomorrow. so our weather is not going to change tomorrow. record warmth for many of you, low 80s near the bay, low to mid-80s inland for your tuesday. after that, high pressure high tails it out of here and a really strong area of low pressure diving down from the gulf of alaska gets here on wednesday with a stronger onshore flow gets here on thursday with some rain showers. a slight chance of thunderstorms. by thursday we'll be 25 degrees cooler for many of you than where we are tomorrow so we're talking 80s down to the 50s. so sunny very warm tomorrow. much cooler but still dry on wednesday. thursday the showers come in. how cold are we talking? snow levels on friday all the way down to 3,000 to 3500 feet. so yes, we're talking about a slow snow level a couple of days -- a low snow level a couple of days removed from record high temperatures.
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around 80, 81 tomorrow in los altos. palo alto 79. 80 pleasant hill. san ramon 81. vallejo 76. petaluma 80. santa rosa 84 for election day. sausalito 74. alameda 79. san francisco 77. cooler but sunny on wednesday. 10 degrees cooler again on thursday. look at the highs. low 60s. friday upper 50s. and as we head toward the weekend we'll be dry but we will be chilly. record high temperatures coming crashing down quickly. >> it's going to be a shock. >> it is from here to here. it's like a roller coaster. >> beautiful tomorrow. thank you. heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women and staying fit and in good health should make a difference. >> it does but as dr. kim mulvihill reports there's a catch. reporter: eating right and exercising are good for a healthy heart. but if you are in great shape,
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new findings may raise your blood pressure. researchers analyzed five major studies involving nearly 50,000 adults followed for 50 years ago. the results? even if you are doing a good job and staying fit you're not immune to cardiovascular problems. among the fittest adults, one in three will eventually develop heart disease or have a stroke. the good news, if you are healthy your ticker will thank you. you'll live longer and better than your unhealthy friends. up to 14 years longer without heart problems for 45-year- olds, up to 7 years longer if you are 55. but don't expect multivitamins to do your heart any favors. a second report found they don't lower heart disease risk at least in men. >> they didn't affect the rate of having a heart attack or dying from cardiac disease or requiring coronary bypass surgery. >> reporter: too many people may be using dietary supplements as a coming up. >> they are not substitutes. >> reporter: the medical director of the institute for health and healing at cpmc says
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for a healthy heart the place to start is with the basics. don't give up good habits. >> first be really eating a balanced healthy diet. the next thing to be doing is to be exercising on a regular basis. >> reporter: the bottom line, we're all getting older. and we're going to die from something. our body parts, whether it's our eyes, ears, brains or hearts, they wear out. but we can slow it down by staying healthy. >> find the slo-mo button. >> that's all we ask. worth it. we'll be right back.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message
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about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. california taxpayers just st ion dollars on thi i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. california taxpayers just spent $1 billion on a new press son medical complex. so why will the inmates still have to be sent to expensive hospitals? we follow the money.
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and sandy could be the grinch this holiday season. how the storm might cause problems when you ship your presents. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. hopefully we don't have grinch one and grinch two. >> they have a nor'easter heading in their direction. not as windy or stormy but when you're that beaten down you don't want anything else. >> all right. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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